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Amazing Transformers

Our mission at Bless Cookies is to assist individuals within our community with receiving, choosing, preparing and consuming nutritious foods.  Here are some of the transformation stories of people we've helped transform their lives through diet changes and healthful lifestyle choices.

Khianna testimony 2.jpg

Khianna H

Khianna was unhappy and tired of being in pain, winded from going up a flight of stairs, and being uncomfortable in her body.

After changing her mind set about food and eating routines she has lost 70 lbs. 

Here's how Khianna did it...

1500 calories per day

Smaller portions

Limit drinking calories

Continue exercising.

Khianna's Words of Encouragement...

Don't give up on yourself

Be patient

It's a process

You're changing your lifestyle

You're stronger than you think

Don't give in to the cravings

A little suffering now will get you to where you want to be.  It will all be worth it in the end!


Floyd 3.jpg

Floyd T

Floyd began his healthy eating lifestyle as a quest to lose 30 lbs, per his doctor's recommendations.

He came to realize that there was a challenge ahead of him...the lack of exposure to healthy food options and varieties. 

Floyd has since lost 28 lbs and says that he feels much lighter.

Floyd's success formula...

Drinks alkaline water

First meal of the day usually fruits, veggies & nuts

Limits bread to sourdough and rye

Eats mostly fish 


Fasts regularly.

Floyd's Words of Encouragement...

Its important when you eat, and how you eat.

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