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Anthem HealthKeepers Plus is partnering with us to get needed groceries to families in our community. 
Visit their website to learn more about their services.  
Open enrollment now through December 31, 2021

November 11th 2021
Veterans Day Presentation
Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center 
Richmond, VA 

Outreach on Richmond Hwy

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Bless Cookies "Cookie Giveaway
Phoenix AZ
Sponsored by 4Life Foundation
Just Keep Pushing

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Serving the communities in  North Chesterfield
Swansboro & 
Mosby Court


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Food Giveaway @
Faith in God Ministry Swansboro

...And a special shoutout to our friends at Anthem Healthkeepers Plus for your donation of bags and your generous support in helping us fill those bags with nutritious food items for members in our community.

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Supporting Essential Workers at local
Day Care Facility
North Chesterfield

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Friends Helping Friends

     Texas Relief 2021

Delivering Groceries in the
North Chesterfield Community